Future publishing technologies and indexes

A recent discussion on an indexing discussion list got me thinking that what indexers needed was a guide to everything they didn’t know about the future indexing technologies. So here it is. Continue reading “Future publishing technologies and indexes”


Handling Late Payments

At some time we all experience that awful feeling when we realize that the due date on an invoice has passed and we have not received the money. The prospect of having done the work for nothing raises it head, or the possibility of having been conned. At the very least we are going to have to spend time chasing the debt rather than doing what we would like to be doing. Continue reading “Handling Late Payments”

Time tracking with Grindstone


Knowing how long you spend on each job is critical for an indexer (or at least any indexer who hopes one day to raise their prices). The indexing programs will record how much time you spend actually working with a particular file but other time spent on the index can be just as important. Continue reading “Time tracking with Grindstone”

Including email addresses on Web pages

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Not unreasonably, if you have a web-site you will want to include your email address so that potential clients can contact you. Unfortunately, if you have your email address in plain view on a webpage without encrypting it in any way then it is inevitable that you will get a huge amount of spam to that address.

There are several ways to address this problem. Continue reading “Including email addresses on Web pages”