Handling PDFS

The topic today is PDFs and there is probably something for everyone here, whether you aren’t sure how to handle them or why you would want to, or whether you have Acrobat Pro and think that is all you need. Continue reading “Handling PDFS”


Name Indexes

Name Indexes list the names of people mentioned in a text, rather than subjects, which are then put into a Subject index. It is usually best to have a single, combined name/subject index for a text, as it is easier to cross-reference between names and subjects, and there is a danger that the reader may not notice the presence of the other index. In some cases, however, perhaps when the number of names could obscure the subjects, it may be judged best to separate them. Continue reading “Name Indexes”

DIY Indexing Book Indexing

If you are going to produce an index for a book for publication then it is essential that you get hold of a copy of the style guide appropriate to the location in which the book is to be published. Individual publishers will have their own ‘house styles’ but these only really explain the differences from the standard style. Some may be as small as a single sheet of paper. If the book is to be published in the US then you need the Chicago Manual of Style. If you are on a budget then you can get away with having just the chapter on indexing which is published separately. If the book is to be published in the UK then you will need the Oxford Guide to Style. This is also know as Hart’s Rules. Continue reading “DIY Indexing Book Indexing”

Indexing FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

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